About me

My name is Marco and I was born in 1976.

I live in a little small town, called Cellarengo, near Torino and Asti, in Northern Italy.

I'm a computer engineer since 2003 and I work as freelance for IT services.

My hobbies are music, computer (obviously), travel, nature and photographs but ...

...my main hobby is aviation and my secret dream is becoming an airline pilot but I know it will remain just a dream. So my interest in flight simulation growing up.

After so many years spent playing microsoft flight simulator using keyboard and mouse (not so real...) I decided to make my hobby "as real as it gets".

Browsing the internet to find useful informations I found a lot of websites, photos and videos about Home Cockpit building. In particular, I found Dave Ault's Learjet 45 Chimera website that got me started my little and ambitious project.

But I'm not alone...my good friend Piero helps me a lot, in particular about electrical thing.

This project is not "My project" but is "OUR project"....

I hope we will reach the end soon...

For now...enjoy our progress...and stay tuned

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