Sunday, 27 December 2015

Flying with Falchi di Daffi

Cellarengo, the town

Cellarengo, S. Firmino, our houses...
Alessia and Luisa looking for us (see red circles)

Here is a video about a real flight on Sunday 27/12/2015, with Falchi di Daffi on the Sierra Whisky plane, a CESSNA C172 REIMS ROCKET. We flew over Turin, Moncalieri, Poirino, Cellarengo (see photos above), Valfenera and landed at Castelnuovo don Bosco.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Testing Front Panel v 2

SAITEK modules assembled...and front panel ver 2 is completed.

...compared to the old version we now have new plastics for leds and mostly all wirings are cleaner than before.

Here is a brief video about the performed test...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Front Panel v 2 is ready to be completed

The "new led panels" were assembled on the front panel...screwed up just behind the plastics...

Flap / spoiler:




It is cleaner than the old configuration...and it will be easier to do maintenance jobs.

Lighted up:

We also plugged the push-buttons in the USB Keyboard card and we tried to keep cables clean...

There are still flying cables...but the most difficult work was done...

We still have to assemble SAITEK module again, recode Opencockpits Outputs and try a final test...

Stay Tuned

Friday, 2 January 2015

It's up to us - new plastics for new lights system

After a long time, it's time to resume our Learjet Home-Cockpit's project.

It's up to improve lights systems...we got new plastics, new leds and no more mess...

Our new plastics...white over black background:

when lit up it's better than before:

Then, with the help of an electric cutter, a jigsaw and Piero, we made some wooden structure where put down leds.

Just made

And here there are with leds:

Flap and spoiler panels

Lights panel


MORSE panel

In a short time we will assemble them over the front panel and we will perform some test.