Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cloche holder

After a long waiting, I'm back with a little update.

Tired to used a stool as cloche holder, making Alessia happy, I decided to build the holder using the remained wood.

I take equipment and stuff and I'm ready to make some sawdust in the garage:

After a lot of cuts, the holder takes shape. So I assembled the pieces all together and I verified the dimensions.

Here is the result:

With the cloche:

Maybe it's all right...

So, I decide to make some tests to verify the calibration of cloche and rudder pedals.

I think something went wrong about rudder pedals ... my first landing was "just" strange...

Here is the video:

So I reconfigured and recalibrated cloche and rudder pedals and all went right. Using FSUIPC to set controllers, they must be disabled in the simulator settings...otherwise this is what will happen :)

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