Friday, 17 May 2013

Ivao Stess Test Event - Our test flight

Waiting for glass cockpit panel, we wake advantage of an IVAO's event, the organization which manages online pilots and ATCs, to take a test flight with our home cockpit in alpha version :)

This event is the IVAO STRESS TEST EVENT: they potentiated servers and organized this event to test them in heavy load.

This evening we are three guys: me, Piero, my true copilot and "cobuilder", and Mauro, a curious observer and videomaker :)

We decided to fly from LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda to LICJ Palermo Punta Raisi

This is the flight plan we prepared:


Cruise Flight Level: FL290
Cruise Speed: 0.7 Mach
Distance: about 300 nm
Duration: about 1 hr

Our callsing??? IFIRM76.

We expected a good ATC coverage but we found just one ATC, LIEO_APP, which followed our departure from LIEO.

For all the rest of the flight we switched COM1 radio on UNICOM.

We got some technical problem, due to a wrong setting for WideFS on the Glass Cockpit PC.

LIEO_APP assigned us runway 23 for takeoff, reaching it by taxing to hold point Alpha, via taxiway Mike

We were parked on the left side of APRON 1 and this was our taxi path:

ATC assigned us the LABOM5D SID (Standard Instrument Departure):

it expects, after takeoff, a little right turn heading 243° and then, 15 nm far from vor SME, an ARC DME 17 nm from vor SME to intercept R 187 vor SME towards LABOM, the initial fix of our flight plan.

LIEO_APP cleared us to 5000 ft, then to FL150 and then to our final flight level FL290.

Having a SID with an ARC DME procedure was very challenging for us. Maybe next time we'll be luckiest :)

Except some error on readbacks and except that I forgot to activate the Transponder after takeoff, the communications with ATC were not so bad.

The flight proceeded smoothly as we approaching LICJ Palermo Punta Raisi.

No ATC near here and so we kept UNICOM frequency.

So, we decided to use KAPIL2B STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route), which link the final fix of our flight plan KAPIL to vor PRS, the Initial Approach Fix:

On vor PRS we decided to land on runway 25, using ILS-Y instrumental procedure:

From vor PRS, we have to turn heading 048° and at 15 nm far from PRS we have to turn right to intercept the loc RAI and align with the runway 25 heading 245°.

Following the glide path on the chart:

we checked that the IF (Intermediate Fix) is at 15 nm from PRS and must be intercepted at 3800 ft.

Once intercepted, the plane will be aligned to the runway with the right vertical speed.

We didn't find any problem following the procedure and as soon as we landed, we noticed that just behind us there was another plane landing on the same runway...we were not alone...

So, we landed and left the runway taxing to the parking gates.

During the flight we found some problems on Saitek panels:

- autopilot locked and the HDG function was not available so we continue with manual heading;
- autopilot and radio module frequently lost the setting values; maybe a bug;

I'll try to find a solution for them.

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience; we expected more ATC but time we'll be luckier...

Here is the video of this flight:

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