Saturday, 27 April 2013

Engine startup...

Finally, I assembled all the front panel and center pedestal...I pasted all the leds behind the relative plastic bezel, using silicone, and then, after one long day, I tested them all and then I pasted all the bezel at the panel.

Then I wired all together but, during my general tests, I had some unexpected problems :)

- the R IGN button doesn't work because of an FSUIPC problem, which doesn't recognize the keycode of ">" key. So I wrote to Peter Dowson, the developer of FSUIPC, and he told me that he will release shortly an update - "thanks Pete"

- FLAP 8 led doesn't work anymore...burned (but I didn't understand the reason) I teared it out, I took another one and I pasted it again with silicone...what a difficult position to work!!!!!

- SPOILER RETRACTED led doesn't work doesn't light up...a solder in the interface board is broken. So, I repaired it and all begins to work again.

Finally all works as expected, and there is less confusion than before:

And here is the cockpit to test...waiting for the other building steps:

Using the ready panels I can do a real engine startup procedure.

Here is the video:

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Center pedestal completed

Finally, all hardware arrived and so I'm ready to wire Startup and General panels.

With lots of patience, I studied all the links and, solder after solder, I was able to wire all of the objects, using the usual flat cables.

Here is the result:

What a mess, right?

But everything is connected "outside" through just two flat all of the wires will be hidden under the cover :)

To let the links easier between buttons/leds and interface cards (USB keyboard and Opencockpit card), I made simple interface boards, one for each panel.

All wired, power up...the panels take life :)

In the dark:

In the next step I'll do some tests about all the functionality.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Growing up...

Waiting for hardware to be used to wire the center pedestal, we fixed the front panel over the base...with the center pedestal till not connected.

Here is the result:

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Center Pedestal

Taking advantage of the Easter's holidays, I had time to going on with my project.

Some days ago, I got Startup and General panel

[see post]

and so I begin wiring buttons and leds.

I bought some electrical material to make things clean, and so I have to wait for them.

So, I switched to the phisycal work, and with Piero's usual help and supervision, we started to work on center pedestal:

And here is the final result, with 2 holes for the panels and one for the throttle quadrant:

And here is the complete center pedestal:

The next step will be the interfacing of buttons and leds...

The goal is not so far