Thursday, 28 March 2013

Led dimmer tests

Just another little piece: a potentiometer linked to analog input of Opencockpit USBOutput. I wrote down a little script in SIOC and so I'm able to manage lights's intensity.

Here is the POT:

the analog input linked to the POT:

Here is the video about test:

New panels...

I got two new panels:

The General Panel:

and the Startup Panel

They still miss some buttons but they look nice.

Now it's time to work...I'll have to do a lot of wirings and links

Thursday, 21 March 2013

First completed panel - The Front Panel

First target achieved..and first completed panel.

The Front Panel completely built and wired. Just a little pleasure which gives me the power to keep going on :)

Some particular are still missing, just like a relay to turn on the cockpit light controlled by Panel Light button and some voltage regulators to manage the led's brightness...but all the panel features are available.

Here are some shots:


A closer look at the UsbOutput Opencockpits card

Buttons wirings

USB keyboard for buttons interfacing

12V power plug in

All wired and it's time to make some tests...crossing fingers

Here is the video about test

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wirings and leds...It's just the begin

Got the last pieces I can finally start other wirings to complete the central panel.

A little jump in an electronic store just to buy a led strip, some resistors sized for a 12V power supply and some other I'm ready to wire all the leds...

A portion of led strip will be used to turn on cockpit lights...

the other leds, individually split

will be pasted behind indicators and will be turned on by opencockpit card

Lights indicators

Flap and spoiler indicators

All togheter

Armed with patience, I created all the wires:

And's time to install and connect them all