Sunday, 26 August 2012

The definitive design...I hope!

Finally I arrived at the end of the design of my Home Cockpit Learjet 45.

Logical schema of components is the following one:

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This is the main PC where flight sim runs.

FSX Modules:

- Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition;
- FSUIPC: for the communication between sim and interface card;
- WideFS server module for interfacing the glass cockpit;
- IVAP server module for the integration in the IVAO world;

USB Interfaces:

- SAITEK panels:

** Yoke System with Throttle quadrant

** Multi Panel

** Radio Panel

** Switch Panel

** Rudder Pedals

- USB Keyboard Interface for interfacing push-buttons and switches;

- OpenCockpits USBOutput Interface card to manage leds;

LAN adapters:

- Network adapter: for network communications to internet and PC2


- 2 video adapter with double video output for each one;
- 4 monitor LCD WideScreen used with the software SoftTh to manage external views;

PC2 - Glass Cockpit and IVAP Client
PC to manage glass cockpit and IVAO services.

Modules and software
- WideClient: interface to the sim;
- GLASS COCKPIT: software FREEFD and Dave Ault's software - thanks Dave -
- IVAP Client: integration with IVAO services.

USB interfaces:

- USB Keyboard Interface to manage buttons for glass cockpit;
- Mic and phones: for IVAP radio communications;

LAN adapters:

- Network adapter: for network communications to internet and PC1;


- 2 monitor LCD 4:3: used for glass cockpit;

Visual System

This is the system which is changed from the initial idea, based on a projector. The definitive version instead has 4 wide screen monitor for external views. I chose this solution because a single projector take a big view (and this is positive) but this view is almost sensation to be there. While 4 monitors offer a 135° FOV which is more realistic and immersive.

The monitors are controlled by PC1, where sim runs. PC1 own two video adapter, each one with 2 video output. By this way PC1 has an horizontal resolution resulting from the sum of the resolution of single monitor.

This is possible thanks to a fantastic freeware software called SoftTh.

I made some tests with 3 monitor and two video adapter and it works quite good.

Physical structure and panels

This is the last version (I hope also the definitive one) of 3D model:

I made only litte changes regarding the previous one.

These are panels:



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