Monday, 16 January 2012

The project

It's time to start using the brain...

...what is my goal...

...what I already own...
...what I have to do...
...what's required... much money I would like to use...

My goal is quite clear...the main thing is that it will be made by my hands...

This is the list of thing I'll use and I already own:

- lots of space :) (little tavern or mansard, it depends on temperature...)
- a speedy PC for the flight sim;
- an HD projector EPSON EH-TW2900

- a list of instrument and panels already mounted; one years ago I bought SAITEK panels:

*** yoke, throttle levers and pedals;
*** autopilot panel;
*** radio panel;
*** switch panel;

- a secondary network PC with two monitor for GLASS COCKPIT (software FREEFD e P8R) and the STAND-BY INSTRUMENTS (Dave Ault's software - thanks Dave -

- a lot of patience :)

Saitek panels are 60% of total instruments...the other 40% has to be built...led, button and switches...

So I planned my first buy: USB interface card to drive leds...

After reading a lot of documentation, I decided to buy this USB card:

It has 64 digital output and 5 analog input...I will use it mainly for the output which, in my case, will be only simple leds.

Using SIOC programming language (finally something I already know) and FSUIPC (an addon software module) it will be possible to get information about simulator status and drive the leds according to it.

I spent about 50 Euro...I cannot get back :)

Waiting for the card, I buy some electrical material (breadboard, resistor, soldering, leds, and so on...)

My last question is: how can I use button and switches with the simulator? May I buy another interface card?

Looking at Dave Ault's website, I try to build an input interface using an USB keyboard circuit. It is a very cheap solution. Linking button and switches to the pin of the USB keyboard circuit I'm able to emulate key presses...these keys will be assigned to some flight sim's function...

Last but not least I will build a wooden case as the main structure of the home cockpit.

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