Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Idea...

What is an Home Cockpit?

Maybe nothing important, but for people like me with a great passion for the flights, the home cockpit is a tool that makes the simulation real.

Some examples:

After so much time spent to spy other people that, with the same passion as mine, were trying to build an home cockpit, I decided to take the challenge and build my own.

...until few months ago it seems impossible to me just to think to it...then I said: what do you think if I'll give a try?

So, I decided to start my project, knowing that the main problem will be the available time...which is always too little :)

Clearly my target is not so ambitious as the one in the videos above; I'll be happy if I will be able to build a rustic tool which will permit me to fly without keyboard :) which is very frustrating and so much unreal.

Thanks to the infos found on Dave Ault's website (, thanks Dave), to some courses of digital electronic at Politecnico di Torino and specially to the private lessons which my dear friend Piero gave me, I decided to start my project.

My Home Cockpit will be for the Bombardier LEARJET 45

The adventure begins...

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