Friday, 27 January 2012

First test with leds

After a couple of weeks, finally I got the opencockpits's USB card.

In addition to the card I got also red, green and yellow leds.

So, it's time to start doing some tests...but I think I'd be better to ask for any help. are you????

We try USB card just to test if it's working using the supplied software: we link leds to the card's output using a resistor to avoid flames :)

It's a miracle...the led lights up!!! Ok, I'm just using the supplied integration with the sim for now.

To be cleaner, we insert the leds in the breadboard and link them to 3 outputs of the USB card, using appropriate connectors

Always using the supplied software, we verify that leds light we can be sure that links and solderings are fine.

So, the card step will be the use of SIOC programming language to interface the sim and to drive the leds according to events of sim.

For the moment I'm satisfied with the first tests...I never tried to light up a led :)

Many thanks to Piero for his technical support...

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